2019 - User Group Day

Reserve your seat

Dates have been finalised for the 2019 User Day!

Reserve a seat as soon as possible (link above)for some tips and tricks on Lucidea software and Knowledge Management Systems and the ideal opportunity to meet and share ideas with your fellow Lucidea users or get into contact with us via phone or email.

We have some fantastic prizes and presenters/speakers lined up and excited to share with you a full morning of knowledge!


  • 24 July
  • Venue: The Innovation Hub, Pretoria
Venue Map


Cape Town

  • 17 July
  • Venue: Bowmans

Venue Map


2018 - User Group Day

Thank you to everyone who helped and joined in the outstanding success and fun of 2018's user group events.

View the photos and read more in our 4Q 2018 Newsletter:

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